GLIMMER FILM is a film production company with the goal to make films that are both visual, dramatic and authentic with stories that will find its way to the hearts of the audience. Glimmer film has made several commercials in the past. The last couple of years we have focused om feature filmmaking in America and Sweden.

We are happy to say that we will again start producing commercial projects for cinema, TV, social media and the internet. We will also take on making music video productions. We’ll run the whole production from idea to finished product. And we’ll help you find the expression that suits your goals and target group the best, be it animation, live-action or a combination.

From us you will always get a competitive price since we own a lot of our own high-end professional filmmaking equipment:


  • The world famous Red One MX camera used for Hollywood features, capable of shooting in variable framerates like 24, 25 or 120fps.
    And timeramping. 

  • Cinema prime lenses, 16mm, 32mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 170mm all at fast apeture T1.5.

  • Lenses for super close macro photography that catches the detailes of the human eye or an insect.

  • An impressive zoom lens that ranges from 17mm-330mm at T2.8, and macro capabilaty.

  • Smooth tripod and extremly low Hi-hat tripod.

  • Several magical effect lenses for tiltshifting and crazy bokeh effects sutible for example music videos.

  • Ronin and Easyrig with a flowcine serene for super smooth movements. Wireless follow focus and remote-controlled camera movements, the result is always breathtaking.

  • We also use wireless image transmitters sending the image to our 28” 4K monitor.

  • Our sound mixer has 8 channels and the sound is crisp and clear from both our mikes and 2 x wireless Sennheiser lapel mikes. We can also provide either a third lapel mike or wireless hearing for the director on site, and headphones of course. Also sending timecode to camera for quick synk in post.

  • The shoots are always beautifully lit with our two 1K Fresnel tungsten lamps and our three portable Cineroid LM400 variable temperature led lights. We also have cool stuff like UV-light.

If you only need help at a certain stage of the project or only want to hire services for sound or let’s say the work of Director of photography don’t hesitate to contact us.

Below you'll see examples of projects where some of our equipment was used and our services was hired for the roll of Director of Photography:

Director of Photography:
Jon Pettersson, Glimmer film

Customer / Producer: Greenworks
Director: René U Valdes
Band: Movin in stereo

Director of Photography:
Jon Pettersson, Glimmer film AB

Customer / Producer: Dear Friends
Director: Sandra Bohlin
Producer: Jonas Randell




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