Director of Photography:
Jon Pettersson, Glimmer film AB
Band: Movin in stereo

Director of Photography:
Jon Pettersson, Glimmer film AB

Director: Jon Pettersson
Director of Photography: Jon Pettersson
Editing, grade and VFX: Jon Pettersson, Glimmer film AB
Artist: Loa Ek


  • Red One MX camera, capable of shooting in variable framerates like 24, 25 or 120fps.
    And timeramping. 

  • Cinema prime lenses, 16mm, 32mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 170mm all at fast apeture T1.5.

  • Lenses for macro photography that catches the detailes of the human eye or an insect.

  • Zoom lens that ranges from 17mm-330mm at T2.8, and macro capabilaty.

  • Smooth tripod and low Hi-hat tripod.

  • Several magical effect lenses for tiltshifting and crazy bokeh effects sutible for music videos.

  • Ronin and Easyrig with a flowcine serene for smooth movements. Wireless follow focus and remote-controlled aperture.

  • We also use wireless image transmitters sending the image to our 28” 4K monitor.

  • Our sound mixer has 8 channels. 2 x wireless Sennheiser lapel mikes. We can also provide either a third lapel mike or wireless hearing for the director on site, and headphones of course. Also sending timecode to camera for quick synk in post.

  • Two 1K Fresnel tungsten lamps and three portable Cineroid LM400 variable temperature led lights. And UV-lights.

  • Adobe creative suite for film and sound editiing, After effects work and still photography.

  • Davinci Resolve Studioversion for film and sound editing and grading with grading pannel for accuracy.

  • When something else is needed we rent that at good discount prices.

The last couple of years we have focused om feature filmmaking in America and Sweden.

When I'm not writing, directing or producing feature films I like to get my hands dirty working as DP on commercial projects and music videos. It keeps the creative process alive and current. I feel staying involved in all the aspects of filmmaking sparks my creative side.

Jon Pettersson
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Jungmansgatan 10
441 39, ALINGSÅS

Ellinor Andreasson has been with the company since 2010. Working closely on script development with Jon Pettersson. Together with Pettersson she produced "John Hron" and later the feature "Narrative". When it comes to commercials and music videos she takes care of production.

Email: info(a)
Phone: +46 709859928