GLIMMER FILM is a film production company with the goal to make films that are both visual, dramatic and authentic with stories that will find its way to the hearts of the audience be it commercials or feature films. Glimmer film continuously collaborate with other companies and filmmakers who share our vision and joy in the film making process.

Glimmer film has shown films on a variety of film festivals both nationally and internationally. The film “The Lifeguard” was shown on TV in the Nordic countries and the short film “Beauty” sold to different TV-stations.

The feature film “John Hron” Has been shown abroad at film festivals and won several awards. “John Hron” had its Swedish premiere in 2016 screening at a total of 74 cinemas across the country. “John Hron” also became the most watched Swedish cinema feature that summer.

During the years Glimmer film has made two feature films and several commercials and music videos.

Ellinor Andreasson has been with the company since 2010. Working closely on script development with Jon Pettersson. Together with Pettersson she produced "John Hron" and later the feature "Narrative".

Ellinor has a fine background in still photography, as a painter and Director of Photography. As basicly the whole film "Narrative" was shot with two cameras Ellinor stepped in to operate the B-cam and to film the second unit photograpy.

"The basic idea that all people are created equal, has always been important to me an Jon. In our feature films, we strive to always convey a sense of humanity."

Ellinor Andreasson


Glimmer film was founded in 2007 by writer / director Jon Pettersson. Pettersson has over 20 years in the business and a Bachelor degree in the fine arts of Film directing from Swedens prestigious Film school "Filmhögskolan" a.k.a "Akademi valand". Known for having studens winning the Swedish Oscar equivalent and Palm D'or in Cannes.

"Films effects us all, we laugh and cry and change our minds about the world. Working with film is a great privalige and it should be carried out baring in mind the power this medium has as it is both a strong collective expirance and a deeply

personal comunicating artform."

Jon Pettersson

Pettersson´s first feature "John Hron" was in the Official competition at the Montreal World Film Festival. Pettersson also recived a Gold Award for best film, best director and best screenplay at the International Independent Film Award and the Award for best film at the European Independent Film Award.

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