Sales & Distribution

Glimmer Film Distribution AB, started in 2016. The company does both Sales & Distribution, which means that we do co-operate with both other sales companies and other distributers. We mainly distribute feature films produced by Glimmer Film AB but has also sold and distributed dokumentaries produced by other companies.

The company also has a marketing section that takes care of both digital ads and physical print. For the national cinema distribution of “John Hron” the jobb inkluded, regular posters, Euro size and bigger as well as standies in different formats and big banners for buildings.

John Hron was released nation wide. The biggest cinema chain screened the film in all the citys and with several other cinema chains the film had a total of 74 screens. “John Hron” became the most seen film of Swedish cinema that summer.

Glimmer film Distribution has deals directly with the main stores and platforms in Sweden. for John Hron we also distributed rental Dvd / Blu-ray directly to the biggest rental stores nation wide. We do also co-operate with different sales companies and aggregators and distributers for physical Dvd / Blu-ray release. As times change we are now working with a world wide VOD aggregator as VOD is the future .

Films availabel for distribution are found under the tab Feature film production.
Our newest relese is the feature film ”Narrative”.

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